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Xiaomi Devices Service Tool 2017 Free Download

Download Xiaomi Devices Service Tool   Features Of Xiaomi Devices Service Tool: Recovery Device Check Recovery To Normal Mode Fastboot Device Check Fastboot Reboot Qloader Mode (Fastboot 1) Qloader Mode (Fastboot 2) Qloader Mode (Fastboot 3) Pattern Password Remove Recovery To Fastboot Mode Device Product Name Check (Fastboot) Qloader Mode (ADB) …

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Micky Unlocker Tool V2 All android Frp unlock Tool Free Download

Download Micky Unlocker Tool V2   Micky Unlocker v2 Features: Mi Account Remove Xiaomi MI Remove FRP (FastBoot) OEM Unlocking/Relocking Samsung 2016 FRP Dialer Reboot EDL Android Pin/Pass Remove Huawei OEM Unlocking Micky Unlocker Tool is a portable and small application for windows computer that has several features. It’s allows …

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Dolby ATMOS android Special Sound Effect Free Download

Dolby ATMOS android Special Sound Effect   This is the Dolby Atmos sound effect ported from a Lenovo rom. This should work on all devices (starting from Android 4.3) since it is a software effect. It might conflict with other dolby effects you already installed. Flash the zip, it will edit (not overwrite) your audio_effects.conf. Credits: ahrion and aki_007 for supplying me the rom !R1– Initial releaseR4– Fixed compatibility for Android 4.x in Ds.apk and …

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Download Huawei Modem Unlocker V5.8.1

Feature:1. Easily unlock the Huawei Modems (Old firmware)2. Temporary unlocking of Huawei Modems (New firmware)3. Upgrade Download/Upload speed of few Huawei modems.4. Enable/disable Voice feature.5. Enable / disable virtual CD-ROM.6. Flash/Unlock code generator.7. Reset/reboot modem.8. Reset Lock Counter.  Download Link

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Download Pac File Unpacker v1.0 Download

What’s New in Pac File Unpacker v1.0 Added checklist box for selecting files. Coded completely in Rad Studio Delphi 10.2 Tokyo. Used GUI from Rad Studio. Buffer size increased to 2048 Bytes (It will increase speed). Bug fixed.    Pac File Unpacker v1.0

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